My Visit To Vrindavan Showed Me how Small Towns Retain Their Identity In The Face Of Globalisation

The homogeneity of big cities is nerve wrecking for me. The malls, all with different names, but same shops. The roads with different names, but same cars. The cities, with different names but populated by the formal banter of “excuse me” and the rudeness of honks. Tired of the daily gruel, I headed to VrindavanContinue reading “My Visit To Vrindavan Showed Me how Small Towns Retain Their Identity In The Face Of Globalisation”

The Big List of Travel Books

This is an attempt by the SlowRover team to create the biggest ever ‘user suggested’ list of “Books you should read while Travelling”. We are giving you a chance to feature on this post by suggesting additions to this list in form of comments or e-mail them to us at: . You can also tweetContinue reading “The Big List of Travel Books”


Guest Writer Anahita Fotedar writes about a forgotten architectural marvel of Delhi. This is the first part of her Architectural Series. So, this series deals with, monuments in urban villages of New Delhi. Initially, I will give focus to those monuments which are not very prominent but hold an equal grandeur and elegance as thatContinue reading “ARCHITECTURAL SERIES – MOHAMADPUR VILLAGE: TEEN BURJI MOSQUE”

The Pigeons of Jaipur

The City Palace is one of the most frequented tourist destination in Jaipur. Throngs of tourists, both Indian and foreigners, come to see this beautiful palace/museum everyday. The City Palace, Jaipur All the tourists, whether they arrive in those mammoth Volvos or in the humble ‘desi’ alternative– the cycle rickshaws, have to enter the vicinity of theContinue reading “The Pigeons of Jaipur”

The Joy of Solo Travel!

The spirit of travel cannot be isolated from human beings. We’ve been hunter-gatherers ever since the dawn of our civilization. But alas, our eagerness to explore new territories, to witness unforeseen sights, and to learn about new cultures has fizzled out overtime. Our society has (d)evolved into a crowd of weekend cavalcades who rarely explore beyondContinue reading “The Joy of Solo Travel!”

Lessons I Learnt From Schoolgirls While Travelling In Ladakh

A simple incident while driving through the streets of Kargil, India taught me quite an interesting lesson. I was busy taking in the scenic surroundings and clicking away with the camera. My hands were in sync with my eyes. As soon as I spotted something, my hands would race towards the camera. Then the un-happeningContinue reading “Lessons I Learnt From Schoolgirls While Travelling In Ladakh”