Beaches of Andaman-A Photolog

The Andaman Islands is a group of Indian islands in the Bay of Bengal.

Boasting of having few of the best beaches in the World, Andaman is a delight for beach lovers!
Seen at Kalapatthar Beach, Havelock, Andaman

Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman is the first stop for outsider wishing to see Andaman.
The Carbyn’s Cove Beach is the probably the most famous beach in Port Blair.
Carbyn’s Cove Beach, Port Blair

The Havelock Island, reachable by a 2 hour ferry ride from Port Blair, is considered to be the most beautiful (and hence, the most visited) of the islands of Andaman.
Have a look!
IMG_3230Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

The famous Radhanagar Beach Sunset

Another One!

By the way, did you know that the above mentioned Radhanagar beach was awarded Asia’s Best Beach by TIME Magazine!

But the Radhanagar Beach isn’t the only beach at Havelock Island.
Presenting- The Kala Patthar Beach
An Early Morning Walk at the Kala Patthar Beach

If Radhanagar has great Sunsets, Kala Patthar provides you with unforgettable Sunrises!
The Kala Patthar Beach Sunrise

Time stands still at Kala Patthar Beach

While it is a beautiful experience to take long walks on this beach, one often gets reminded of the horrific Tsunami that struck this region in 2004.
The fallen trees at Kala Patthar Beach

Think that’s all Havelock has to offer you? You’re in for a  present surprise!
Welcome to Elephant Beach, Havelock!The Elephant Beach- A paradise for water sports lovers

The first thing one notices about Elephant Beach is the plethora of shades of blue!
Elephant Beach-The hues of blue!

Often considered to be the best place for water sports in Andaman, a jet ski ride here is a must!
Jet Ski at Elephant Beach

If that’s not all, the evening ferry ride from Havelock Island to Port Blair is spectacular!
The Sunset view from the Ferry.

Reserved the best for the last:
The Dance of the Rainbow Sunset (Seen during the evening ferry ride from Havelock to Port Blair)

That’s all Folks!

-Vibhav Bisht

The author is a hardworking lazy-ass! He loves to travel though!
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