The Ross Island- Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces

Ross Island is a deserted island that is a part of the Andaman archipelago in India. Once the seat of the royal Britishers, it now lies in utter ruins. A shadow of its earlier self. Despite this, Ross Island has a charm of its own. This post covers the macabre beauty of the ┬áRoss Island.Continue reading “The Ross Island- Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces”

Pari Tibba- The Witch’s Hill

Pari Tibba or the Witch’s Hill, is my favourite part of Mussorie, India. Away from the hustle bustle of the Queen of Hills, Pari Tibba is a haven for all those who are looking for complete solitude (and also a chance to witness the best of Mussorie Ridge). I was first introduced to this placeContinue reading “Pari Tibba- The Witch’s Hill”

Lessons I Learnt From Schoolgirls While Travelling In Ladakh

A simple incident while driving through the streets of Kargil, India taught me quite an interesting lesson. I was busy taking in the scenic surroundings and clicking away with the camera. My hands were in sync with my eyes. As soon as I spotted something, my hands would race towards the camera. Then the un-happeningContinue reading “Lessons I Learnt From Schoolgirls While Travelling In Ladakh”