#PicRover- Deoriyatal Trek

deoriyatal trek

Deoriyatal is a Himalayan lake surrounded a beautiful meadows of Uttrakhand. To add to the setting, the lake overlooks the mighty Chaukhamba peak, making this location one of the best campsites in India!

I reached this location in the April of 2017, a season when the entire 2 kilometer long trail from Sari Village to Deoriyatal is filled with ‘Buransh’-  or wild rhododendron. This article relives the memories of the short Deoriyatal trek through a series of snapshots.

sari village

The trek starts from Sari Village, 14 kms from Ukhimath. The 2 kms long trek is moderately steep, but has a well marked and well laden path.


Make sure to enjoy a glass of the famous ‘Buransh’ Juice (made from freshly plucked wild rhododendron flowers) available throughout the region.
deoriyatal trek

The Deoriyatal trek path is well maintained and has resting points located after intervals of 15 minutes.

 Deoriyatal trek

A moderately fit trekker can easily do the trek in an hour to 75 minutes (uphill). Nonetheless, it usually does not take tourists more than 2 hours to reach Deoriyatal from Sari Village.

Deoriyatal trek

The first sight of the Deoriyatal campsite is mesmerising indeed! Make sure to find a good location to pitch your tent. You may also hire tents and bedding from local dhabas (located 100 metres from campsite) and hence, you do not require to carry your own tents. The dhabas usually charge between 400-500 INR per night for renting out tents. They also serve you food as you cannot make your own food at the campsite (lighting of firewood or igniting any kind of flame is banned here).

 Deoriyatal trekEarly morning at the Deoriyatal Campsite


In case you are in mood for some more trekking, you can undertake a 14 kms long trek that directly takes you to Chopta, the basecamp for the famous Tungnath trek. But make sure to leave early, and hire a guide (get them from Sari village, they’ll charge about 1000 INR for this 14 km route) before embarking on the Deoriyatal-Chopta route as it is not well marked at certain places.

I’m sure you have many more queries about this easy Himalayan trek. Feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll make sure to answer the same.

Happy Travelling!

-Vibhav Bisht

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