About Goodbyes And The Plight Of A Traveller

This is not about the goodbyes you bid to people as you hug and smile with the promise of meeting again. It is about those goodbyes which ring a bell of finality, of an end. Every time I visit a new place, I find myself taking an oath to return. Because I feel that IContinue reading “About Goodbyes And The Plight Of A Traveller”

Getting Rid Of Sexist Ads Will Help Us Build An Equanimous Society.

We try to tell ourselves that we are progressively moving from a predominantly patriarchal society to a more equanimous one. In this progressive society, women have equal opportunities of education and men cry when they want to. Sexism is a textbook concept, a reminder of an era that was. But are we actually that progressive?Continue reading “Getting Rid Of Sexist Ads Will Help Us Build An Equanimous Society.”

The Big List of Travel Books

This is an attempt by the SlowRover team to create the biggest ever ‘user suggested’ list of “Books you should read while Travelling”. We are giving you a chance┬áto feature on this post by suggesting additions to this list in form of comments or e-mail them to us at: theslowrover@gmail.com . You can also tweetContinue reading “The Big List of Travel Books”