SlowRover Snapshots #10

While exploring the Hemis monastery, I ran into this young man. Instantly, my hands whipped out my camera, thinking about how good his red robes would look against the white. But he shook his face in anger and turned away. But as I stowed away my camera, he beckoned. He simply took the chocolate I held in my other hand and asked me to proceed with the photo.

So, by renouncing a bar of chocolate I managed to click this image.

Lessons I Learnt From Schoolgirls While Travelling In Ladakh

A simple incident while driving through the streets of Kargil, India taught me quite an interesting lesson. I was busy taking in the scenic surroundings and clicking away with the camera. My hands were in sync with my eyes. As soon as I spotted something, my hands would race towards the camera. Then the un-happeningContinue reading “Lessons I Learnt From Schoolgirls While Travelling In Ladakh”