SlowRover Snapshots #12

Breaking the Hula-Hoop World record

Breaking the Hula-Hoop World record

Title: Breaking the Hula-Hoop Record
Location: Pokhara, Nepal, Asia

Backpacking in Nepal is a serendipity in itself. I met this little guy during a backpacking expedition in Pokhara, Nepal. Busy playing with his hula hoop outside his father’s shop, he noticed me after quite some time. “Do you know what I am doing bhaiya (brother)?– I am trying to break the hula-hoop world record!”

I don’t know whether he succeeded in his mission or not, but I hope he never gave up trying.

SR Travel Tip: If you’re ever on a backpacking holiday in Nepal, SlowRover advises you to cover the scenic Annapurna Circuit.


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