Climbing a Bamboo Skywalk: Best things to do in Meghalaya

“What did you say name was again- Prophet Star?”

“As in P-R-O-P-H-E-T  Star?”? I enquired.

“No. You’ve got it wrong- It’s P-R-O-F-I-T Star. And by the way, you need to pay my 20 rupees as an entry fee before entering this Bamboo Skywalk- Hurry up, I don’t have much time.”

I paid up, of course, but not without reconfirming his name a couple of time. It’s not everyday you meet a man with a name so apt, for his job was to sit at the entrance of this amazing Bamboo Skywalk in Meghalaya, collecting profits from keen adventurers–here to witness one of the most spectacular scenes that the wettest place on Earth had to offer them.


BTW, this is Mr. Profit Star

If you ever visit the north-east Indian state of Meghalaya, you’re likely to be advised to visit a place called Mawlynnong– whose claim to fame includes being awarded as one of the ‘Cleanest village in Asia’ by a famous publication way back in 2003. Mawlynnong has come a long way since 2003, for it is now a major tourist attraction of Meghalaya. But this post is not about Mawlynnong, it is about an equally charming village called ‘Nohwet’ located 3 kms from Mawlynnong.


We arrived in Nohwet on a routine rainy day, trying to find our way to the ‘Nohwet View Point’ (Another name for the Bamboo Skywalk of Nohwet). Strangely enough, we came to know about the existence of this view point at the Living Root bridge of ‘Riwai’- where we had stumbled upon a sign board that said -‘Nohwet View Point, 10 mins ahead!’. Since the Riwai Root Bridge was too crowded (despite the incessant rain!), we decided to hike up to this mysterious ‘View Point’, hoping to find serenity in midst of this chaos.

In order to reach Nohwet, one needs to cross the living root bridge of Riwai and follow the uphill track that lies beyond it. Careful now, for the path is steep and slippery , especially when it’s raining (which is ALWAYS).

After 10-15 minutes of walking, the track changes into a cemented path. This is the starting point of the Nohwet village. You need to turn left from here and cross the Nohwet village to reach the Nohwet View Point – or the Bamboo Skywalk. Feel free to ask around the village for directions, the bylanes of this pristine village can be tricky!

It is strange that Mawllynnong leads the pack of North-east tourist destinations while the village of Nohwet, located just a few minutes away, is devoid of any tourists. Nohwet is undoubtedly better in local immersion and unrestricted views of the Khasi mountain range, India’s last frontier overlooking Bangladesh.

That wide panorama of green foliage, marked by the criss-cross white streaks of the monsoon waterfalls. I cannot even begin to describe it in words, for you need to see it for yourself!

The last hill of the Khasi range. Beyond this lies Bangladesh

The Bamboo skywalk is located at the very end of Riwai village. It is constructed atop a tree roughly four storeys above the ground and provides an incredible view. Despite being made of bamboo, the structure has a great strength and can hold up to 10 people with ease. It is remade each year by Profit Star and his elder brother, and is hence a privately owned property. The knowledge of the fact that this artful work of architecture was made by just two human being, working in tandem, is enough to demand respect for the workmanship of the Khasi people.

I’ll leave you with a few more images and a link to a short video (taken by myself) of this mesmerizing place:

Bamboo Skywalk (Meghalaya)Voila! The Bamboo Sky-walk!


Here’s a video of the exquisite views of the Khasi Hills from Nohwet Bamboo skywalk:


Vibhav Bisht

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SR Travel Tip: If you ever get a chance to visit the godly Indian state of Meghalaya, keep a day exclusively for Nongriat Village– home to the double decker living root bridge of Meghalaya! Click the hyperlinks on this article for more travel content!

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