Coffee Seller

Title: The Kaapi Innovator
Location: Manamadurai Junction, Tamil Nadu, India


The compartment was abuzz with a distinct sound. Our train had  stopped at Manamadurai Junction, a small station that falls on the route from Madurai to Rameshwaram.

Throngs of coffee sellers bombarded our peaceful journey with an incessant sound of business.

“Kaapi, Kaapi, Kaapi” they¬†cried in unison, trying to sell the¬†world’s favourite drink in a local accent (Kaapi is a phonetically¬†corrupt term¬†for¬†‘coffee’). One of the¬†sellers¬†parked his¬†minimalist coffee¬†store¬†by my window. He had managed to customize a¬†rod of iron to be used as a makeshift¬†coffee stand (See Picture).

Need is indeed, the mother of all inventions.

SR Travel Tip:¬†If you ever visit¬†Tamil Nadu, we recommend you to visit Dhanushkodi, a ruined city that was destroyed by a cyclone in 1964.¬†The eerie walls of the ruins,¬†accompanied by the incessant sound of¬†ocean waves lashing against the nearby shore – Can’t be missed . ¬† ¬†


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